Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care

Lagoon® Advanced Care - Fast, Clean & GREEN.

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly

Environmentally friendly with no toxic chemicals or solvents used in processes (water is the solvent) – unlike traditional dry cleaning which use chemicals (PERC and other solvents). A truly GREEN approach for garment cleaning

Delicate on the delicates

Outstanding results with most precious textiles and fine wool labelled dry-clean only. Conventional dry-cleaners soak clothes in toxic and carcinogenic chemicals which can erode colour and stiffen material.

A Real Game Changer

We use biodegradable detergents and put fabrics through sophisticated cleaning and finishing processes, meaning a gentler treatment, delivering better results.

Endorsed By Experts

lagoon® has been endorsed by The Woolmark Company as suitable for wet-cleaning even the finest wools labelled dry-clean only.
No textile wear, colour loss or permanent dimensional change, after multiple cleaning cycles – certified by the Hohenstein Institute.